The Quest for Better Product Photos

I thought my Etsy product photos were pretty good. By which I mean that I’d seen worse and hey they’re better than they were.

But all that changed yesterday when I got rejected by an etsy seller who seems to have all day, every day to promote their work. I assume it’s actually their PA/partner/clone otherwise how would they find time to ever make anything? Leaving my bitterness about time management aside, they do a good job and promote other sellers along the way. But they only promote other sellers with perfect product photos. Being rejected from the inner circle for the second week running made me think that I may need to make some adjustments to the photos. So that’s what I’m doing.

(Editorial note – yes this does read oddly but I’m not going to promote them when they won’t promote me and most other Etsy sellers know who I’m talking about. Also it is entirely possible that the seller/promoter in question doesn’t like my stuff  and still wouldn’t promote me even if my photos were perfect, so it’s not exclusively for their benefit).

The quest for better product photos will be slow, difficult and painful. Slow…because I have only one hour of daylight per day to take photos in. Half an hour when my son is supposed to be napping and half an hour in the morning before my husband goes to work. Difficult…because I don’t know what I’m doing. And Painful…because if you’re going to do it right, it’s going to hurt. You can probably tell that it’s already making me grumpy.

The first thing I’m going to look at is composition, as I have much more idea about this than I do about how to work a digital camera or the software to adjust the images afterwards. Also, I was given some lovely advice on the etsy forums yesterday from Pigeon and Tonic “What I think is that you need to approach the photos from a more ‘artsy’ standpoint – not just front back side, but tilted, looking up at it, etc. Sounds weird, but think of the camera’s POV as that of a small curious bird.” And because it seems to be the done thing to use single colour backgrounds, I’ve also had to leave Eggypegg island behind. So here’s what I’ve got so far…



And now those “curious bird” angles:



So what do you think? Is this heading in the right direction? Does anyone have any preferences. Any other suggestions, helpful hints, tips or comments are welcome. There will be more and more of these over on Flikr in the next few days.


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