My New Football (and some notes on being divided by a common language)

(American) Football

I’ve just added this little football to the NattyKnits etsy shop

Of course I know that back home in Britain there will be a number of folks tutting and rolling their eyes because it’s not ball shaped and has minimum contact with feet. But please consider that this is being sold on a predominantly American website. In fact I often wonder whether I should be writing all my descriptions in American. In fact every time I write colour or favourite I’m troubled by the thought that maybe I should just convert. Is it confusing to a buyer? Does it worry them that I might be in San Francisco, Lancashire? Who knows? But I think I need more adjustment time.

So for the time being the descriptions stay in English, it’s just that the items may have American names.



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3 responses to “My New Football (and some notes on being divided by a common language)

  1. That football is cute! And I have no problem reading British English as opposed to America English. (I was born and raised in Northern California.) I say write in YOUR language/dialect. šŸ™‚

    Happy Friday!

  2. Great treasury! I’m so glad you liked the cards! Happy B-day wish writing!


  3. Mr. Natty Knitter

    I agree with Tina, go ahead and write in your own language. I think it’s cute, but I’m Mr. Natty Knitter so there ya go. When I lived in the UK, I tried to write in British English and got fairly good at it, but that was just because most of my writing was for work.

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