The Great Etsy-tweet-heart-a-thon

I will be the first to admit that I am somewhat lackadaisical about marketing the Natty Knits Etsy shop. I will also readily admit that I get more “social” than “networking” on social networking sites.

But this weekend I decided to start consolidating. The Etsy Hearts system is a good way to draw attention to your shop amongst other Etsians, many of whom buy things on Etsy. Plus buyers who like your shop might look at the other shops that you like. So it’s good to have other people mark your shop as their favourite or to “heart” you as it’s also known. Here’s the new plan:

I will check out any Etsy shop who marks my shop as a favourite. If I like their stuff, then I’ll mark their shop as a favourite too. I’ll also go looking for them on twitter and follow them there.

I will check out the Etsy shop of anyone who is following me on Twitter and if I like their stuff, then I’ll mark their shop as a favourite too.

I will attempt to get twitter addresses and shop names from active Etsy Knitters, follow them on twitter and if I like their stuff, then I’ll mark their shop as a favourite too.

I’m nowhere near finished with this project, so don’t panic if you haven’t had your heart yet. It’s extremely time consuming, especially when I get distracted by beautiful things in other people’s shops. And this brings me to the reason I’ve written if I like their stuff in such a bold manner. I started out thinking that this was just a social network-marketing thing and that it just didn’t matter who I gave out hearts to. But then I started to feel a little bit unclean so I went back and removed the hearts from the shops I didn’t like, after that it became easier to skip the shops who’s inventory was not to my taste.

This is just the beginning. I still have to get started on Flikr and blogs and Ravelry. But at least I know what my benchmark is now.

And speaking of hearts, have you seen this? It’s a very useful tool for an Etsy seller.


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