And The Winner Is…

…Mister K! Who seems to be in Wales, which is very exciting for Barnard and I as that’s where they film Doctor Who. I’ve sent you an email Mister K so that I can get your address and Barnard will be on his way to you early next week.

Barnard is going to Wales

Two people actually got all the clues right, the winner was chosen from a (knitted) hat this morning.

Here are the answers.

1. The Girl in the Fireplace. Marie Antoinette was the girl in the fireplace and later the woman in Doctor Who’s arms.

2. Any Cybermen episode would do, so Rise of the Cybermen or The Age of Steel, or Doomsday or The Next Doctor

3. Voyage of the Damned. Because the Doctor says “Allons-y Alonso” to the last member of the crew and because there’s a ships wheel and a compass on the brooch.

4. Bad Wolf so I have to be honest here and say that I originally intended these episodes to be all David Tennant era as technically the Bad Wolf is in every episode of Season 1. Which is why I will also accept Turn Left or The Fires of Pompeii which also mention Bad Wolf.

5. Silence in the Library or Forest of the Dead were both acceptable answers here.


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