Dancing with the Misheard Lyrics

Group Tango

Here’s an excellent shot of the Team Tango dance from this week’s DWTS. I can always tell when it’s a good dance because I tend to sing the song for the next 24 hours. These guys were dancing to Womanizer by Brittany Spears. Unfortunately because they’d over done the effects on the vocals, it did sound a little like “one banana one banana one banana”. Which is what I’ve been singing all morning.

It brought to mind a few other misheard lyrics that dh and I were talking about earlier in the week. Like my sister’s conviction that there’s a line in Bryan Adams’ Summer of 69 which says “standing on your mamas porsche” of course it’s actually porch, but she went to a posh school. Or my husband’s insistence that Missing by Everything But the Girl is actually called Desert Mystery, he’d misheard the line “like the deserts miss the rain”.

But my personal favourite is a full on misunderstanding of lyrics which I managed a few years ago. I thought that the song Wires by Athlete was some sort of prog epic about a robot being chased through a spaceship. Then one day whilst I was listening to it at work I actually got it and sent my friend a text message saying “it’s about a baby”, because it is you know.

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  1. Abby

    Do you know, that still makes me laugh to this day, and every time I hear it on the radio I think of you. It’s our song 🙂

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