How To – Make Personalised Knitter’s Graph Paper

I’m a big believer in never buying anything you can make yourself and knitter’s graph paper definitely falls into that category.

But first a quick explanation for the non-knitters. Sometimes a knitter will use graph paper to map out a design which will go into the knitting, either in a different colour or in a different stitch. However, ordinary graph paper just won’t do for this, it’s too symmetrical and knitted stitches are rarely symmetrical, usually stitches are wider than they are tall. Therefore knitter’s graph paper is made of small rectangles which are wider than they are tall.

I’ve been looking around for some explanations of how to make the paper using an Excel spreadsheet, but they seem to be generically sized. So I thought about it for a little while and in the end this is how I made the graph paper for my project. It’s really easy and you can do it to.

1. Knit a gauge swatch (you should always do this anyway, so it shouldn’t  be too much extra work)

2. Work out how many stitches and rows make 1″ square. Eg in my project 1″ square = 2.5 stitches by 3.5 rows

3. Divide these numbers by 10, just move that decimal point one space to the left. Eg 0.25 and 0.35

4. Open up an Excel or similar style spreadsheet.

5. Select the whole spreadsheet by pressing the button in the top left corner (just above 1 in the first column)

6. In the format menu go to row; height and enter the number derived from the stitches. Eg 0.25

7. In the format menu go to column; width and enter the number derived from the rows. Eg 0.35

8. You may need to divide these numbers further so that you can fit the right number of rectangles onto one sheet of paper, dividing by 2 will work well in those cases

9. Select the area of spreadsheet you need

10. Add borders to the selected area (usually a little square button on the toolbar)

11. Print

And there you are, knitter’s graph paper with the correct ratios for your project.



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7 responses to “How To – Make Personalised Knitter’s Graph Paper

  1. Wow this is great! I’ve been wondering how to do this.


  2. Thanks, this is an awesome guide!

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  5. Reblogged this on Craft Krazy and commented:
    Ah I’ve been looking for this everywhere!!


  7. Forest So Green

    Great idea! Annie

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