Because my parents know me well

they sent me this awesome Get Well card.

My Get Well card

It has a Tardis on the front and everything. It was a birthday card, but Mum modded it so that the caption now reads “This Doctor…is out of this world”, instead of “I hope your Birthday…is out of this world. Mum makes some pretty cool cards – she could have a successful Etsy shop except that she doesn’t believe in shopping online. It came in a parcel with some stickers and books for their grandson and a lovely low res, taped off the telly DVD of the Easter Special. I don’t know, the BBC reducing my mother to a life of crime. Pull your fingers out lads and just show it in America!

If you think you know your Doctor Who you should enter the competition in the blog post below.



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2 responses to “Because my parents know me well

  1. Tell us what you think after you’ve watched it! I loved it.

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