A Monster Giveaway

A few weeks ago I made a Doctor Who Etsy Treasury as a tribute to David Tennant, who is finishing up his time as The Doctor with a series of special episodes. I also promised that some of the items would be clues in a blog giveaway competition. So here it is.

Below are five images of items made by some talented Etsians. Each of the items has a link (intended or not) to a specific David Tennant Era Doctor Who episode. Just leave a comment on this blog post telling me which five episodes the images refer to and you could win!

Image Clue 1

Image Clue 1

Hint 1. She’s a feisty lady who really appealed to the Doctor. And the actress who played her is actually David Tennant’s real life girlfriend.

Image Clue 2

Image Clue 2

Hint 2. Any of the episodes featuring these guys will be considered as a correct answer, yes even the one where they asked the Daleks to be their friends and the Daleks just exterminated them.

Image Clue 3

Image Clue 3

Hint 3. The clue here is in the item’s title “Allons-y Alonso” and also the ships wheel and the compass…

Image Clue 4

Image Clue 4

Hint 4. Once again any episode where this guy makes an appearance is a correct answer, including season 1 episodes.

Image Clue 5

Image Clue 5

Hint 5. Once again it’s all in the title. Watch out for those shadows!

And what do you win? You win a monster of course, this is a monster giveaway and where would Doctor Who be without a few monsters to do battle with?



This is Barnard, he’s a mini-monster, made from an angora mix yarn. He does look a tiny bit like an Adipose but that’s just a coincidence. Barnard only knows four words in English “Who Wants  A Hug?” He’s 3 inches tall and very soft. Barnard is not suitable for children under 3 years.

Here’s the official Doctor Who website, in case you need your memory jogged. And each of the clue images links back to the Etsy shop it came from so you may get more hints there.


Thank you to the five Etsy sellers who very kindly gave me permission to use their images. Here’s their direct shop URLs.






Good Luck!

The Rules

The competition is open until Midnight PST Friday 1st May 2009.

The competition is open to everyone except my immediate family.

If more than one correct answer is received a winner will be chosen at random from those who guessed correctly.

The winner’s monster will be mailed to them free of charge to anywhere in the world.


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7 responses to “A Monster Giveaway

  1. picture clue 1:
    The Girl in The Fireplace seas 2

    picture clue 2:
    Rise of the Cybermen seas 2

    picture clue 3:
    Voyage of the Damned seas 4

    picture clue 4:
    Bad Wolf seas 1

    picture clue 5:
    Silence in the Library seas 4

  2. lol, LOVE it! (Great job, BTW, BeadCasita!)

  3. Trying not to crib from the comment above – but she had the right idea on some of these!

    Image Clue 1:
    “The Girl in The Fireplace”

    Image Clue 2:
    “The Next Doctor” – xmas special with Dervla

    Image Clue 3:
    “Human Nature” (picking up on the watch rather than the wheel?)

    Image Clue 4:
    “Bad Wolf”

    Image Clue 5:
    “Journeys End” – tardis was key to the plot in this one hence my selection!

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  6. Mister K

    1 The Girl in the Fireplace

    2 The Age of Steel

    3 Voyage of the Damned

    4 Bad Wolf

    5 Forest of the Dead

  7. Mister K

    EDIT: “4 Turn Left”

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