The Custom Project

As of today I am officially switching all my knitting time to a custom project.

I’m a bit nervous, not because I can’t knit what is required. I can. And even the maths isn’t too hard as it’s a rectangular cushion cover. The intarsia isn’t a problem either, I can colour knit whilst standing on my head and whistling dixie. What’s making me edgy is wondering whether the customer will like it. I think I’ve done everything I can to make sure that what the customer wants is what I think she wants. But you never can tell.

Meanwhile, for the knitting geeks, I’ve decided to knit the cushion in the round with a 2P st edge for each side and an inside out three needle bind off at the top. One side of the cushion will have intarsia and the other side will have a moss stitch relief of the intarsia image (unless the customer says otherwise).

Oh and one last thing, the customer is a very good friend. This takes the pressure off a bit and I can learn about custom projects as I go.


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2 responses to “The Custom Project

  1. julia

    it will be squishy! it will be pixellated! it will have a lovely picture of a ***** and ********** on which will match the colour of my sitting room colour scheme – what can possibly go wrong??

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