Toddler Reading List – ABCs

Usually on a Friday morning I read to a group of toddlers at Cover to Cover bookstore. This week I’m not able to read as I still have a very sore mouth from my wisdom teeth removal last week. However, just so you don’t think I’m slacking off I thought I’d write a short list of excellent ABC books. Not the sort of thing you can use as a theme, but these are still good for reading aloud.

Alphabeep: A zipping zooming ABC by Debora Pearson and Edward Miller. A different truck for each letter of the alphabet, together with a little blank verse couplet makes this a very popular book in our house. I think the words are extremely strong, considering the simple concept. There’s a lot of repitition of the letter in question, for example, here’s F: “F is for Forklift it flits around the freightyard it lifts and lowers boxes with it’s long steel fingers”. Lovely word usage. This book also features lots of road signs and the road signs are listed in the front and back of the book. My son now knows what a “beware of falling rocks” sign looks like.

Baby ABC by Roger Priddy. All the Priddy books I’ve seen are excellent for small children ad babies, they are so colourful, use a lot of real cut out images and they are essentially lists of things, which babies love. The Baby ABC is all this and more, it has great textured images and little rhymes for each letter. It also has a really sturdy construction. Very useful for younger children.

Kipper’s A to Z by Mick Inkpen. This is the only Kipper book readily available on both sides of the Atlantic. Starring the lovable, enthusiastic, but often confused Kipper the dog and his friend Arnold the pig. It is the story of an attempt to get a box filled with things which begin with each letter of the alphabet. Unfortunately, as a lot of the things in the box are actually bugs there is quite a lot of escaping going on. There’s a Zebra too, he really wants to join in, but Kipper keeps telling him it’s not his turn yet. A very charming book.

Into the A B Sea by Deborah Lee Rose and Steve Jenkins. Everything Steve Jenkins does is art, collage to be precise. Extremely beautiful and instantly recognisable marine life floats past and we get to learn some scientific names along with our ABCs.

I should be back in my storytime shoes next week, when my mouth starts working.


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