Ode to the Knit Chicks

The NattyKnits etsy shop has just had a full post-Easter spring clean. I still need to get all the knit chick colours back in the shop after the Easter rush, but I’ve removed the word Easter from the tags list and the egg filled nest has been retired to the virtual storeroom.

I’m actually very proud of my Knit Chicks. So far I’ve sold 20 of them (and given one away!) and my son has two of his own. But just because Spring is over doesn’t mean I’m ready to retire the little critters. I’m retagging all the chicks as potential housewarming, wedding or happy couple gifts. And over the next few months I’m going to make some in different colours. Definitely a blackbird and probably some bright blues, pinks and purples.

EggyPegg Island

EggyPegg Island

I’ve created this room in whirled where I can put a cut out photo of each of the sold knit chicks, I’m hoping it will look a little like Anthony Gormley’s Field for the British Isles, except virtual and with knitted birds. Tribute or Travesty? We’ll have to wait and see, there certainly aren’t 40,000 of them. Yet.



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2 responses to “Ode to the Knit Chicks

  1. julia

    ooh yes, some different colour ones would be vg. sparkly too? mohair?

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