“they like me, they really like me…”

or to put it another way, one of my baby balls is in an Etsy Gift Guide.

This is a big deal, and here’s why.

1. One of the Etsy Admins has been to my shop and liked what they saw. There are very few Admins, I would guess there’s around twelve of them. New shops open on Etsy every minute and the Admins simply do not have time to look at everything. I’ve been hanging out in the Etsy forums quite a lot recently and I’ve had loads to say, I wonder whether that caught their attention?

2. My photos are “front page worthy”. I thought they were, but it’s nice to have some affirmation. Although strangely I don’t really like the baby ball photos, I think they’re a bit fuzzy.

3. Baby Balls are IN. Which is good, because I’ve just listed another one here

This has already (in just over 12 hours) brought me 7 new shop hearts, 3 new item hearts and my views have gone up by 26%. I don’t even mind if it doesn’t convert to a sale, it’s just nice to be noticed.


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