Ring Ring?

There is very little happening to me at the moment. I am still recovering from having my wisdom teeth extracted, the pain pills are still making me dizzy and nauseous, I haven’t left the house since Thursday and knitting anything too complicated makes me feel seasick (maybe it’s the constant motion or concentration).

So I thought maybe it was time to ask you a question.

Here’s a photo of a blue baby ball and matching grab ring which I’ve just finished. What do you think of the grab ring?

Ball and Ring

Ball and Ring

A grab ring is a very very simple concept, most plastic ones have a few huge plastic keys or are designed to be chewed when teething. But this is an early childhood toy designed to help babies to learn how to grip and keep hold of something. It’s squashy, resiliant and washable, just like the ball.

So what do you think? Will it sell? Would you buy one? Can you see it’s appeal?

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One response to “Ring Ring?

  1. looks like the ring has some ribbing(?) or something so it doesn’t match the ball perfectly – if it did I would buy them as a pair for a newborn – a nice set.

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