Doctor Who!

I love Doctor Who. I’ve loved the show for a long time. My favourite Doctor used to be Patrick Troughton and I watched all the BBC2 reruns they did in the 80s so I’m pretty well versed in the original Who-lore.

When David Tennant took over I was sceptical. All I’d seen of him was that stupid foppish picture where he’s made up and airbrushed to look young in the posters for Cassanova. I thought he was a joke casting, I thought he’d be rubbish. How very wrong I was. He is the best of all Doctors. Not only is he the geeky, skinny indie boy who makes us think of school discos and Brett Anderson, he is also a self referential doctor, a running jumping climbing trees Doctor, a “don’t mess with me, cause I’m laughing and joking but I will kill you” Doctor. David Tennant is now my favourite Doctor.

In the UK David Tennant has become an icon. I saw him open a local school fete (fundraiser) in summer 2006. He was escorted by three police officers. I saw them remove some middle aged men from the scene (crazed whovians wanting to touch a timelord?). I honestly cannot think of anyone who is the lead in a primetime family entertainment show, has played Hamlet at RSC and thinks he can do live TV presenting (except Richard Briars for the first two). It has to be said, anything he does next will be a bit of a letdown.

So I will miss him when he finally hands over to the young whippersnapper who will take on the Who identity in later 2009 and I wanted to give him a little tribute. So, here it is. Doctor Who, the David Tennant years, in a treasury:

Now look closely at those images, because some of them will be back later this month for a monster giveaway competition. Can you name all the obscure episode references? If you can, keep it to yourself, it could win you a Barnard Monster in a few weeks time.



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2 responses to “Doctor Who!

  1. Did you see last night’s special? I feel the same, and don’t want the David Tennant era to end, but apparantly it must.

    • nattyknitter

      Nope, we don’t get up to date Doctor Who here, can’t even watch it on BBCi because of the copyright issues.

      I think Mum’s sending me a copy though. It’s like an exchange program. She gets videos of her grandson and I get videos of Tennant.

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