Oooooh Last Night’s DWTS

You see this is how I roll. Yesterday I blog a fully serious esoteric interview with a writer of international renown. And today I’m all like “squee” over dancing with the stars.


I don’t even care who’s going home tonight. It was just so much fun watching the dancing last night. Proper TV pundits are saying that there were a lot of uncomfortable moments. which leaves me wondering if they’ve ever even seen reality TV before let alone understood why people watch it.

Let’s start with the obvious. Gilles and Cheryl are electrifying. I actually hit the rewind button to watch their Paso again. I’m surprised there were any women left in the audience who could stand after that, but the standing ovation was well deserved. Also pretty obvious as front runners are Shawn and Mark I could watch them all day, they’re very engaging because they both seem so nice and normal. Lil Kim and Derek are also wonderful to watch, I actually think they sometimes get under scored, I assume it’s a finesse issue, it would probably help if she’d stop gurning.

There was quite a drop in scores overall last night. The Paso just doesn’t suit some people, like Ty for example. Ty Murray, king of the rodeo and king of the one liners “everyone needs a little more ball room” being one of my favourites. I think he’s great and he looks like someone I miss from back home, but he’ll probably be gone in the next few weeks. And then Melissa, it was funny watching her do the Paso, she simply doesn’t have that much anger in her, she messed up and laughed at herself!

But it wasn’t just the Paso, I think Lawrence Taylor has had enough, he wants to get back to his golf game and David Alan Grier is trying too hard. He can do this, he can dance and he knows how to work the public to get their vote (he’s the only one of the cast who is aggressively following fans on Twitter). But I think he might be bullying Kym a bit, pushing her to choreograph something too showy which does him no favours.  DAG will be around another week (or two?) but it’s just not coming together. And Steve-O…?

I predict that Steve-O and Oh Lacey will be in the dance off with Lawrence and Edyta tonight. I think Steve-O will be going home, but Lawrence will wish he was.

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