Superstitious Nonsense

Just a quick blog entry today, the dryer is broken, I have tummy ache, my son is refusing to nap and dental surgery is looming. I’m casting around for something good to blog about then I got an email from my friend telling me that she’d got her birthday gift in the post and she would spend the money wisely.

I got her a wallet, made by Little Ellie

Just take a look, those things are lovely, no wonder she liked it.

But it reminded me that I’d put money in the wallet, you see I was brought up with a ton of superstitions. Some of them are well known like “don’t walk under a ladder”, which if you think about it is just common sense. Some of them are less well known “if you spill salt, throw some over your left shoulder to catch the devil in the eye” (!) and some of them must have been made up by my Mum  “don’t cut your toe or finger nails on a Friday or Sunday” or “a gift wallet must contain money or it will always be empty”.

Always unsure as to which of these superstitions were entirely fabricated and which are more broadly accepted, I decided to put a little cash in my friend’s wallet, in fact I put in a 20p coin (from UK), a quarter (from US) and 10 cents (from Europe). Well, she likes to travel…and hey, it’s a nice gesture.

Here are some more of the obscure superstitions which my Mum passed to me and I take no notice of:

An itchy right hand means you will lose money and an itchy left hand means you will receive it

Don’t put new shoes on the table

Don’t look at the moon through glass (pretty difficult for me as I wear glasses)

Socks on a clothesline must always be in pairs

Don’t open an umbrella indoors

Crossed knives on the table means an argument in the house

And magpies, don’t even get me started on the magpies.


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One response to “Superstitious Nonsense

  1. Nik

    Sarah introduced me to a new superstition recently. Apparently one must NEVER give a pair of scissors as a present (or not to a loved one, or somesuch).
    Anyway, I bought us a new pair of kitchen scissors after our old pair selfishly broke and jokingly said “see the delightful gift I have bought for you, wife” in that bathos-laden cod-romantic way of mine. Whereupon she dashed out of the kitchen (to dry her tears of love, thought I) to return with 1p which she gave me as payment for the scissors.


    Not quite clear on what the consequences of giving/receiving scissors as a gift are. Cursed to do cutting out for ever? Destined always to have to open new tetrapak?

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