April will be a busy month for NattyKnits although you won’t see much evidence of that in the Etsy shop. I’ve got a large and challenging custom project to work on, so the new items in the shop will be simple things.

To put it bluntly, we’re talking balls.

The best selling item by far in the NattyKnits Etsy shop is the baby ball. So I’m going to extend my range, all the new balls will be 100% washable. By which I mean, throw them in the washing machine with the baby clothes washable. The balls will be slightly larger than the alpaca ball and will have 10 stripes not 8. The colour choices will be Black and White, Blues and Red and Pink.

It reminds me of my first attempt at ball making, here’s a photo.

wonky ball

wonky ball

As you can see it’s not even slightly round, I ran out of black yarn, and I sewed it up after I felted it. I think you’ll agree that the new ones are a little better. Funny thing though, my son loved that ball and still does.

Less Wonky Ball

Less Wonky Ball

The first of the new balls will be in the NattyKnits shop in the next week.


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