Can’t Blog…Must Knit

I was just wondering why the Knit Chicks sell so well in the real world and not so well on Etsy. I thought it must have something to do with the photos, so I took some new photos. I’m not sure they’re very successful.


What do you think? Yes the chanpagne glass is a little redundant, in fact it makes the blue chick look like he has something growing out of his head. Andwhy is the pink chick covered in hole punch circles? Not my best work.

But after all that, it turns out that I was wrong about the knit chicks on Etsy as I sold three of them this morning. (jumps around doing a happy dance). Now I just have to knit some more.

But before I go, the latest news on Ganymede’s search for fame and glory is that he’s neck and neck with a pillowcase. It’s a lovely pillowcase, but Ganymede is feeling a little sore about it. He keeps mumbling about “The Woz Effect” and how everyone thinks the pillowcase is an Everyman, although how can it be an Everyman when it lives in it’s ivory pillowcase tower. He really is a very bad loser. Please go to and vote for Mini Monster Ganymede, if you think he’s the best, of course.


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