Ganymede is in a Beauty Contest!

Ganymede in a rush to leave the lab this morning

Ganymede in a rush to leave the lab this morning

I’ve said it before. You turn your back on these monsters for a few minutes and they’re up to all sorts of business. In this case, that business is entering the Blockhead Radio Artisan Challenge.

Blockhead was set up by Etsy sellers to promote their wares and also showcase unsigned/little known indie bands. The Artisan challenge runs for a week, anyone can enter anything as long as it’s handmade and it’s in the right category. The item with the most votes goes through to the weekly challenge and then the winner of that gets some site advertising. It’s exactly like a beauty pageant or popularity contest for crafts. Ganymede is crazy about it, he’s been running around all morning looking for his sequined frock and polishing his horns.

So here’s where you can vote for Ganymede, remember he’s still only in the first round.

He’s up against the cute squid soapsaver people, he needs your vote. Maybe I should start a twitter group.



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2 responses to “Ganymede is in a Beauty Contest!

  1. ChatonDesigns

    Ganymede has got my vote! We all need to win at least one beauty pageant in our lifetime 😉

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