Wedding Knits

A few days ago I realised that I had an inactive listing sitting in the virtual storeroom of the nattyknits shop.



It was these guys. Two lovebirds in a nest. I originally paired them up for valentine’s day, but had no sales and then I forgot about them. But I’ve been thinking about weddings recently, this is the start of the wedding season, it’s nearly my anniversary and a good friend just got engaged. Could I tap into the wedding market with these snuggly lovebirds?

It takes a little imaginative leap, but only a small one. A little research showed up a fascinating correlation between knitting and weddings. I’d already heard about this couple, take a look at the album links, their photos are amazing and really show off the range of p0ssibilities. But there are plenty of others out there doing the same thing. And why not? If you can get married at a football stadium or skydiving or dressed as Elvis on ice then I don’t see what’s so strange about knitting your wedding.

Then there are the knitted wedding dress patterns like this incredible example it’s not the only one out there, check out this one from Vogue Knitting Magazine or this one handmade and available on Etsy. Of course, knitting a wedding dress is a complex and seriously time consuming project. One blogging bride to be estimated that she would be knitting 20 miles of yarn into her dress.

Of course there are plenty of other ways to incorporate hand knits into a wedding day. Here’s a few ideas which I’ve made into a “spotlight” on spotlight spotlight

Some very beautiful things, but also a little cheekiness and fun. I have to say that sweater is the only way you’d get my son into a tux.

So I’m going to rephotograph my lovebirds, maybe place them on a crisp white table cloth with a little confetti and a champagne cork. I also think they’d be a good extra gift, maybe if you’re following the wedding registry requirements and all that’s left is the wine glasses, you could put your own personal stamp on the proceedings. And finally, if you don’t want the cost, or you want it to be truly personal the pattern for the Knit Chicks is available here.


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