Oh the Pain! A TMI post

(Or Dental Surgery, Yoga and watching The Woz dance.)

My wisdom teeth are impacting, right now as I sit here typing they’re giving me a headache. Most people have their wisdom teeth out in their 20s, but not me. I’m on the case though, I went to a consultation appointment with a dental surgeon this morning and the offending molars will be removed in 15 days time. He was a very nice dental surgeon he gave me the thumbs up for being a stay at home mum and then told me that I have huge sinuses, which apparently means I breathe well although it makes it more of a challenge for him to remove the teeth.

Luckily there are other painful things in my life to distract me. Firstly there’s the daily sun salutations. I need to lose some weight. I have a complex attitude towards food, which I call the “rewards and consolations issue”. If I’ve had a rubbish day then I need something fatty/sugary to console me or if I’ve had a good day, well then I deserve a cookie. It’s utterly ridiculous and extremely difficult to break. My exercise levels are pretty high anyway, I do lots of walking up hills, but I thought I should try something more regular and strength building. I thought yoga would be pretty easy, especially as I’m only doing 10 minutes every morning. This is not so. I ache. A lot.

And the final thing causing me pain; Steve (The Woz) Wozniak. I love Dancing with the Stars. It’s not cool, it’s not fashionable, it’s not even stylish, but I love it. What I don’t love is when the voting sysytem gets highjacked by fans of a particular contestant who don’t even watch the show. If they did watch it, then they would probably think twice about voting for him. He seems like a really nice man, I have nothing against him, but there are some great dancers in this season (Shawn, Melissa, Gilles, Lil Kim and I reckon after last night we can add David Alan Grier to that list) and I really don’t want to miss out on watching them because they get eliminated too early whilst The Woz stays in.

DWTS groupies probably already know the cautionary tale of John Sergeant. But I’ll repeat it here for those of you who don’t know. Dancing With The Stars is a British show, which is called Strictly Come Dancing when it is shown on the BBC with UK celebs. This last season was marred by the public continually voting for a BBC radio journalist named John Sergeant. The judges gave him low scores and the public voted to keep him in, week after week after week. In the end he removed himself from the competition after saying that he had a real chance of winning and “even for me, that would be a joke too far”. This explains why the judges have already started giving The Woz low scores, they’re trying to avoid another Simpsongate. I’m not about to launch a big anti-Woz campaign. But I will say this. If you’re an Apple fan and you’ve voted for Woz, you should watch him dance first. I think it counts as cheating not to watch him and he’s already urged you not to cheat.

Too Much Information? Maybe. But maybe there are also some hints for my “how old am I supposed to be” giveaway.


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