Birthday Presents

Today is my birthday so I thought I’d give a quick shout out to all the Etsy shops my family bought gifts from. This will be fun.

DH got me two pendants from beadworkbyamanda I’ve seen circuit board jewelery before, but this stuff is really classy, I love the classical shapes with ultra-modern abstract subjects. Plus green and bronze/brown are my favourite colours.

I also got a fab needle book from my sister from jennmaruskadesign it will certainly make the sewing up less of a chore and she bought me some Luce yarn from Italy too, it’s sooooo soft. It came from here KiimoFactory

I think there’s something else on it’s way from my sister, but she has internet issues and she’s in a different country so it’s hard to tell.

And DS and DH also got me a yummy handspun yarn from this store GobleWarming and some hand dyed superwash in lovely maroons and purples from here jewlbal3

So not a bad haul I think you’ll agree. Now all I need is for someone to guess my age and win the blue knit chick from Sunday’s blog post below. Go on, have a guess.



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2 responses to “Birthday Presents

  1. everydaycreate

    Wow, lucky lady! Happy Birthday!

  2. Kim

    Happy Birthday! What fabulous gifts! I think it’s great they shopped on etsy from you…I’ve tried to encourage that from my fam but hasn’t worked too well…

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