Easter knitted toy buying frenzy…

…and an unfinished caterpillar

Funky Inherited Yarn

Funky Inherited Yarn

So yesterday afternoon, I sat down to work on a caterpillar idea that’s been floating around my head. You see my ideas often come from whatever yarn I have lying around and this funky stuff was inherited from my Mum. I think it’s a kind of sirdar acrylic, with extra cotton bobbly bits in it. I think this is begging to be turned into a bug, or a worm or maybe even a tree.

Anyway, it looks great when it’s knitted up (see below). I was going to try knitting three balls attached together for this caterpillar and as you can see I was making some headway. But then people started ordering things. When I say people I actually mean my friends, asking me whether I could make them “x” and have it ready in time for Easter. Of course the answer to such a question is always, always “yes”. But it’s disappointing to put down the exciting new caterpillar. I’ve also just discovered that I don’t have enough yarn to make all these orders, I’ve just ordered some more, I hope it comes within the week or I’ll be in trouble. Er does anyone have any spare pink sirdar snuggly? I can swap it for some bright pink superwash or a greeny ball or sock yarn or…

Unfinished Experimental Caterpillar

Unfinished Experimental Caterpillar


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One response to “Easter knitted toy buying frenzy…

  1. everydaycreate

    Ooh i’m excited to see what that ends up looking like! I love the yarn.

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