Handmade Toys Are Cool

Yesterday we went to a toy shop. We don’t go very often, but I really wanted a VW Van as a gift for a friend’s little girl who likes things on wheels. On the way out to the store we saw our neighbour who was cutting some wood. My son was obviously fascinated and our neighbour cut him a small piece to show him how the saw worked.

I thought we’d have to bribe my toddler with a small toy to get him out of the toy shop, but he managed to reject every suggested Chinese made car and plastic plane. He still didn’t want to leave, but that was more to do with the large train track set up they have in there.

When we got home our neighbour had sanded down the piece of wood and left it by our door. It was sort of car shaped. My son took to it immediately and ran to his room to get a pencil, demanding that I draw some wheels on his new car.  And here it is, proudly displayed on the ramp of the auto shop that we made from a box a few weeks ago.

A car in an autoshop - just add imagination

A car in an autoshop - just add imagination

Now, don’t get me wrong, we’re not a Waldorf household, we have plenty of plastic toys and my son does prefer his cars with real wheels. I just thought this was a cute story. And he really loves his cardboard box auto shop, it’s where we fix cars using a handpuppet dog and an invisible wrench.


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4 responses to “Handmade Toys Are Cool

  1. Abby

    Love the car! The Early Learning Centre sell something very similar, only they charge you a fiver for it.

  2. everydaycreate

    Aw. I loved boxes. Some of my favorite pictures EVER include boxes.

    • nattyknitter

      That’s why most of my creations are photographed in a cardboard box, decorated with construction paper. Honestly, you’d think I had nothing better to do 🙂

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