OMG – DwtS 2nite!!

Yes, these days I am usually quite serious, sober and sensible. Except for when it comes to Dancing With The Stars at which point I become quite giddy/catty depending on who’s dancing. What the Americans might not know is that this show originated in England, where it is known as Strictly Come Dancing. I loved it then and I love it even more now, because it reminds me of home.

So who are these “stars”? To be honest I’ve never heard of most of them, I mean I’ve heard of Steve Wozniak, Belinda Carlisle and Shawn Johnson, but the rest of them could be anyone. The star factor doesn’t really matter, not when there’s all that scripted posturing and unscripted storming out, not to mention the football players in pink sequined shirts and pretty ladies in sparkly bikinis. It’s awesome.

Before I’ve even seen show one, I would like to predict that Shawn Johnson will take the mirrorball trophy, it’s pretty difficult to believe that she wouldn’t have what it takes. It does depend a great deal on who she has for a partner, I’m guessing it won’t be Maks, he’s too big or Derek as he usually gets the leggy models, so I’d say it will probably be Mark Ballas, if he’s her partner she’ll be unstoppable. Ha! Just checked the website and yes, that’s her partner. Oooooh, I’m good at this. And which poor male “star” will be stuck with Lacey this year? Looks like it will be Steve-O, that might be a good match.

Slightly Sparkly Balls

Slightly Sparkly Balls

I’m very excited. I didn’t even realise that I was subconsciously knitting mirrorballs. Actually they will be christmas decorations when they’re finished, but they seem quite relevant now so here’s a pic.


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