A Tiny Change – A Big Difference (further adventures in short row shaping)

This morning’s storytime was somewhat disorganized. I took The Gruffalo instead of The Snail and the Whale. My son decided to hold a storytime of his own by pointing out every truck in the truck book to his toddler audience, who were more interested in him than in me. And then I forgot the words to Slippery Fish.

I feel that there are two reasons for my distracted nature this morning. One is yoga (I’ll write something about this another time) and the other is the discovery I made yesterday for how to get a smoother finish on my garter stitch short row shapes. It’s pretty simple, I’m just knitting into the loops made by the yarn over. The things I’ve made so far don’t really need this fine tuning adding to them. The loops give the bird feathers a nice bumpy texture and everything else is felted so you can’t really see the loops. It was precisely because I was looking for a way to make a loop free, non-felted washable bunny, that I decided to make these changes.

I made an ugly thing

I made an ugly thing

Of course if you make a change to pattern, however seemingly minor it can have some pretty big consequences. I was experimenting with this new method as part of a Christmas Tree Ornament yesterday. Unfortunately I wasn’t concentrating and didn’t check if the change made any difference to the overall shape. It turns out it does. I don’t even know what you’d call this shape, but I bet the scientific name contains the words “irregular” and “ugly”.

This washable bunny may be some time in the making.


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