Free Easter Knitted Nest Pattern

This is a super simple pattern to make decorative knitted nests for mini chocolate eggs. It’s knitted on straight needles, so no fiddly dpns required. It’s also a great introduction to short row shaping, which I’ll write more about tomorrow.


Knitted Nest

Knitted Nest

Bulky weight yarn in a nestlike colour

Size 5.5mm needles (or size needed to obtain gauge)

Tapestry needle


16 stst = 4inches in garter stitch (Note) You don’t have to get an exact gauge, you just need a dense fabric. Knit up some garter stitch using smaller than recommended needles, until you get a fabric that you can only see pinpricks of light through.


CO 10 sts

*K10 sts

K5, yarn over and turn work

Sl1 purlwise, K4 (end of row)

K6, yarn over and turn work

Sl1 purlwise, K5 (end of row)

K7, yarn over and turn work

Sl1 purlwise, K6 (end of row)

K8, yarn over and turn work

Sl1 purlwise, K7 (end of row)


repeat from * ten times

Cast off and sew together top and bottom of knitted fabric

(copyright Clare Doornbos 2008)

If you have any trouble with the pattern, or you think I may have made a mistake or you make one and you want to show me a photo, then please feel free to contact me, either here or through my Etsy shop



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2 responses to “Free Easter Knitted Nest Pattern

  1. Nicole

    If i wanted to make a bigger nest how would i enlarge the pattern? I’m still pretty new to knitting so i don’t know how to create this.

    • nattyknitter

      Hi Nicole!

      Start by casting on more stitches than the pattern requires, always cast on an even number. Then knit half the number of stitches you have cast on and make your first turn. Add 1 stitch to the short row each time. The number of repeats will always be the same. Just remember that the number of stitches you cast on is the radius of the nest, otherwise you may end up with something bigger than you bargained for.

      Let us know how you get on.

      Clare (The NattyKnitter)

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