Flying the Nest

There are Red Tailed Hawks that live in the hills and canyons of San Francisco. They are very impressive birds, I often see them standing guard over their territory, perched on top of a street lamp or in one of the big Eucalyptus trees in the park across the street from our apartment.

Last week I saw three of them hanging around in the trees, well two of them were sitting still and the third was flying back and forth within a hundred yards of the tree. For about half an hour this bird just flew backwards and forwards. It must have been a young bird, it reminded me so much of watching my son run up and down the hallway playing chase with himself.

Knitty Nest

Knitty Nest

Watching those birds gave me an idea, so tomorrow I’ll put my pattern for knitted nests on this blog, for free and gratis (I need to double check it first). In the meantime I decided to spruce up the nests in my shop. They look much more appealing now and they’re cheaper.


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