March on the March!

I’m about to write my second newsletter for my facebook group. (Did you join my facebook group? It’s a select band of my friends mostly, we’re very civilised, there’s a link on the right of the home page…yeah, that’s it). So it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to decide exactly what my goals are for the coming month.

Titan and Callisto hang out in the Lab

Titan and Callisto hang out in the Lab

Firstly, there will be more monsters, they will be different sizes, like Titan here. Although as she’s too big to fit in the lab I do wonder whether I might make the next one a little smaller. The monsters will also be different colours, I’ve got the yarn to make a big stone coloured monster and I’ve got my eye on some red angora mix which will be devilishly fun. There will also be horns and wings and oh yes Barnard, every time I make a Barnard he’s bought up before he even gets his picture up on Etsy.

I’ll also be making some rabbits. I have some lovely white fluffy feltable yarn which should come out all bunny like. I know how to make their feet, I’m thinking hard about the ears and tails every time I’m roped in to a game of “this car is broken down – it needs oil from the oil can”.

Because people are buying my stock (Hurray!), I’ll be restocking the basics, like the Knit Chicks and the baby ball.

And if that weren’t enough I’ll also be selling the pattern for the Knit Chicks.

And speaking of buying my stock. Ziggy the one of a kind Spider from Mars was sold earlier today to my friend in the UK. I’m glad he’ll be in good bass playing hands.


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