What’s in a name?

Everything that’s what.

I have a theory that you live up to your given name, so if you’re called Starshine you’re more likely to be a drama queen than if your name is Sarah it’s also funny how many carpenters are called “Woodman” and how many chefs are called “Baker”. It’s a theory, there’s no evidence for it and it’s not the subject of my blog today.

Eggwins...sorry Knit Chicks

Eggwins...sorry Knit Chicks

The subject is these little guys and Etsy. When I first put these critters in my Etsy shop back in December I called them Eggwins, because they’re Egg shaped and I’ve always had a bit of a thing about the names Edwin and Edgar (a complicated collision of King Lear and Cliff Richard). They’ve had quite a few views but no sales. I noticed that whenever I showed one to a friend or even sold one, that friend would call it a chick. Then someone on the Etsy Knitters Team told a great story about how sometimes when she renamed an item it sold right away. That made my mind up, with nothing to loose but time I set about the renaming process.

I did some more research (with Etsy it always comes back to research, have you noticed that?) and discovered that Etsy items are more visible in searches when they have clear and descriptive titles. This is not much fun in terms of creative naming, but worth knowing. So I renamed these little guys as Easter Knit Chicks. Three important search factors right there in the title. I included their colours in the title too, although I did get more creative there with fuzzyduck yellow, blue bird, baby bird pink and dove white. Then I relisted one of them and sat back on the sofa and began knitting Gannymede’s interminable six feet.

Two hours later one of them sold. The blue one. I was so very very pleased with myself. Of course since then I haven’t sold anything. But I feel that anything which works, no matter on what scale is an excuse for a happy dance.

Yesterday I started working on the Google Analytics and Google Base tools. It’s all very techie and I’m trying to understand it myself. When I do I’ll let you know. But what I did discover last night whilst researching these marketing tools is that your product title is what defines it’s searchability within the web browsers. So if it’s a chick, call it a chick.

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