I grew up being told “you can get anything in America”, but when I got here I discovered that this isn’t true. Here’s just a few things I can’t get:

1. Soluble Asprin

2. A US equivalent to size 3mm knitting needles

3. Bread, nice wholemeal bread with no molasses or honey or preservatives. Just bread.

Well, all that changed this morning when I discovered something called Beckman’s French Wholemeal. It doesn’t seem too French to me, but here’s the ingredients “wholemeal flour, water, yeast, salt” yep that’s all you need for bread. And it tastes great too.

So does anyone know where to get the other things on my list?


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One response to “Bread!

  1. Mr. Natty Knitter

    There is a brand of soluble pain killer called Alka Seltzer. Plop plop fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is.

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