Step into my Lab

My California Monster Lab

My California Monster Lab

So you know how it is, you’re making monsters and they’re living quite happily together in a box in the spare room, then one day you go in there and one of them is missing and another one has a slightly smug look and more stuffing than you remember. Well, when that happened to me I decided that I needed a proper lab in which to contain the more aggressive creature. So here is Vega in my new lab. It’s difficult to get a truly dark and dingy lab in California, what with all this light they’ve got over here. But I think it serves a purpose.

Now I just need to teach Vega to say “Yeth Mathter” and all my plans will start coming together.

Meanwhile a very generous friend has proof read and knitted up my spider pattern and given me some excellent ideas for how to improve it for public consumption. All I need now is a lamp and a daylight bulb for the lightbox and I’ll be able to get my first pattern into the shop.


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