Toddler Reading List- Days

Every Friday morning I read stories to children at Cover to Cover Bookstore in San Francisco. This week I’ve chosen books around the theme of Days. I’m not trying to teach the kids their days of week, that would be pointless as at least three of my regulars are tiny babies. But there are some great books about days, so I thought I’d put them all together.

Cookie’s Week by Cindy Ward and Tomie dePaola. A really simple run down of the days of the week as seen through the eyes of a kitten who gets into a different sticky situation on each day. My son loves the fact that the kitten’s first act is to fall into a toilet.

Kipper’s Birthday by Mick Inkpen. I’m not sure that I understand Tiger’s explanation of yesterday, today and tomorrow. But it doesn’t matter when there’s so much cake.

A Good Day by Kevin Henkes. These illustrations are so bold and beautiful that the lack of plot can really be excused. It’s also a good book for looking at emotions as the animal’s expressions change as their days improve.

The Very Hungry Catterpillar by Eric Carle. I remember being read this book as a child and it’s still going strong now. Not much I can say about this that hasn’t been said before, although I can’t bring myself to say “that night he had stomach ache”, I always say “tummy ache”.

Ben and Gran and the Whole Wide Wonderful World by Gillian Shields and Katharine McEwen. Ben lives on one side of the world and Gran (his favourite person) lives on the other side of the world. Gran’s epic journey to Ben’s house takes a week and includes a motorbike, a motorboat an unhelpful camel, a bus, a taxi, a subway, a high speed express train and a lot of walking.  This book is brilliant, I love the small illustraions along the bottom of the book that show Gran’s journey in close detail and I love how excited Ben gets.

I don’t want to overdo the days theme, I think it might get boring, so we’ll sing “This train is going to Grandma’s”, “This is me” (by the amazing Laurie Berkner) and the “Days of the week song” which is sung to the Adam’s family themetune. And for a poem I’ll read the traditional nursery rhyme which begins “Monday’s child is fair of face”.



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3 responses to “Toddler Reading List- Days

  1. Nik

    Don’t know if the bookshop would frown at a bit of a “days of the week” themed sing-along, but Lottie’s pre-school and Oscar’s infant school both came out with a corking reworking of The Addams Family theme tune, which just about everyone with working ears knows:
    Days of the week (click, click)
    Days of the week (click, click)
    Days of the week (click, click)
    Days of the week (click, click)
    There’s Sunday and there’s Monday,
    There’s Tuesday and there’s Wednesday,
    There’s Thursday and there’s Friday
    And also Saturday.
    Days of the week (click, click)
    Days of the week (click, click)
    Days of the week (click, click)
    Days of the week (click, click)
    [repeat ad nauseum]
    It’s so inconceivably catchy that kids learn the days subliminally. The downside is that as a parent, you find yourself singing it in your sleep at 4am.
    And in the middle of breakfast.
    And in meetings.
    And on the phone to your bank manager.

  2. Nik

    Next time, I’ll read your whole blog post and notice that you’ve already mentioned the song.
    I need coffee.
    And painkillers.
    Coffee and painkillers. That should do.
    And maybe breakfast.
    Yep, coffee, painkillers and breakfast.
    Sounds like the next album by The Killers, or something.
    Moving on…

  3. nattyknitter

    Thanks Nik.

    I didn’t delete your comments because I’ve noticed that Liam’s been “singing” the days of the week song since yesterday morning. So yes, you’re right, it’s so catchy it works.

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