Ziggy and Miles are “not straight” shocker!!!

I love a good tabloid headline, but I am actually referring to my spiders. See here is Ziggy, modeling his “not straight” or non-symmetrical legs:

Wonky legs Ziggy

Wonky legs Ziggy

and here is the most recently knitted Miles and his wobbly appendages:

Miles2, looking not quite straight

Miles2, looking not quite straight

You see here’s the problem, I can knit, I mean I can really knit, my stitches are good and even, my tension is excellent, I’m not afraid to knit round corners and if I do make a mistake I go back and fix it. But I can’t sew. These spiders have been quite a chore, really easy to knit, but a pain to sew the legs on, each one is taking me a whole evening and they still don’t turn out exactly right.

I’m about to publish the pattern and I really need some ideas how to help people get more even legs on their spiders. Yes, I know counting the stitches between the legs would be a lovely easy way to solve this problem, but that doesn’t work with the style of knitting, because the body is a round shape it is slightly twisted when it’s made up, also the short row shaping makes the spaces between the stitches uneven. Yes, I also know that positioning the legs around the body before sewing them on would be a good idea. Except that this means that there are 16 random yarn ends flying around and makes it hard to gauge what you’re doing. I have a plan that I will be trying with the next Miles I make. I reckon that if I get some nice bright coloured dk and mark where I want the legs to be, using a tape measure and my brain, then I might sort this problem out.

If you have any other ideas, or know of a webinar entitled “how to sew your spider legs on straight” I would love to hear them.

Meanwhile, Ziggy is a one off, I’m out the yarn he was made of and they don’t make it in that colour any more. Plus, he’s Ziggy, if you wanted straight, then you’re out of luck.  But should I make a new Miles and confine this one to the “seconds” bin for the next open studio? All opinions welcome.


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