A Few Thoughts on Forums

Imagine you’re in a room with 10,000 people and everyone (including you) has a paper bag on their head. You can tune in or out to anything that anyone is saying and everyone else can tune in or out to what you’re saying. That’s a forum. And it’s a frightening place.

I’ve never been good at digital conversations, my emails are too wordy/literary and meander around off topic like a snake lost in a maze (see, I did it again), I’ve been in a chat room once and the speed of the conversation scared me away within minutes and my forums experience is brief and nasty. Previously, I’ve posted on TWoP and been ignored and I’ve posted on a number of Joss Whedon fansites and equally not got so much as a “go someplace that’s else”. But I know when to quit and I didn’t push it too hard, I backed away and found something less soul destroying to do instead.

Now imagine my horror on discovering that a lot of the early stages Etsy promos are done in a forum!

I was doing alright with the Etsy forums at first. Yes, I off topic all the time and I don’t know when to stop, so I’m a real threadkiller, oh and I posted something in one forum which apparently belonged somewhere else and it got moved, but no major headaches. Until yesterday, when it all went very wrong. I’m not telling you what I did because that will compound the error, but I will tell you this; those other 9,999 people with paper bags on their heads, one of them could be the person you’re calling out.

You live and learn.

So I hereby promise to think of the room full of paperbag heads before I post ANYTHING ever again. [mutter paperbag heads paperbag head mutter paper mumble bags]


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