Toddler Reading List – In Flight

Cover to Cover

Cover to Cover

Every Friday I read stories to toddlers at Cover to Cover book store in Noe Valley, San Francisco. Here’s a picture. It’s a bit like my spiritual home, which is nice because my last spiritual home was refurbished and turned into a fashionable nightclub. Here’s their website if you’re local you should come in for a browse.

This week all the stories, songs and poems are about things that fly:

Sadie the Airmail Pilot by Kellie Strom. I love this book. It has so much detail, both in the illustrations and the story telling. Sadie the pilot has a huge adventure when her plane goes down after a delivery to Knuckle Peak weather station. Will she make it back? Is that a monster? Will her stomach ever stop growling? “Things look grim, but don’t get nervous, nothing scares the airmail service”.

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell. A modern classic about young owls with abandonment issues, don’t worry it has a very happy ending.

Blue Balloon by Mick Inkpen. This was one of the first proper storybooks that my son really enjoyed and he still likes it now. It has some very clever folded pages and flaps which never distract from the story, which is simply that of a boy’s imagination running wild with the help of a blue balloon. Kipper the cartoon dog makes his first literary appearance in this book too.

Lisa’s Airplane Trip by Anne Gutman. Lisa has never been on an airplane before, which is not surprising as she is a cuddly rabbit. This translated French travelogue is really charming and has lots of jokes for the grown ups. I would highly recommend this as a storybook to introduce toddlers to the concept of air travel, if you’re about to take a trip yourself.

The Very Quiet Cricket by Eric Carle. He didn’t just write The Very Hungry Catterpillar you know, in fact Carle has quite an opus of colourful children’s books. This one has a good selection of flying bugs, mosquitoes, a cicada, a  bee, a dragonfly and a lunar moth. Oh and there’s a surprise noise at the end, which is always popular.

I’ll be singing I’m a little Airplane, The Up and Down song and Yellow Bird (although not all of it) And the poem is I Am Flying by Jack Prelutsky.

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