Stash, Destash and Repeat (Part 1 of a personal yarn stash history)

I came late to knitting, late enough that by the time I felt the need to build up a yarn stash I had enough money to do it all at once. So I set aside a small amount and went to the knitting and stitching expo at Alexander Palace an annual event run by these people . I learned a lot that day, considered every yarn weight and touched every fiber type. I bought what I now realise was a lot of yarn, including a proper green tweed, some self striping wool, some Rowan cotton, some ggh aspen, some alpaca hand dyed in natural colours and a “my first socks” kit. I did not overspend my budget. I got home that evening very tired but happy and started knitting a hat from the self striping wool.

But I wasn’t done with the creation of my stash.

Oh no.

London has no yarn shops. Hmm, let me rephrase that, London has a number of chic and beautiful yarn boutiques like this and a few large department stores that carry all the Rowan/Sirdar/Debbie Bliss UK standards. But nowhere you can go and rumage through a bargain bin. Which is how I discovered online yarn shopping.  The bargains were incredible, all you needed to do was just buy it quickly and then work out what to do with it. So I did, I bought Rowan Polar, more ggh Aspen, Jaegar Aran, which turned out to be great for hat making and too much easy wash wool in a horrible beige colour. Most of it came from this shop and I just can’t recommend that website highly enough.

Then we decided to move country and I knew I had to stop the stash acrual before it cost me more to ship the yarn to America than it had to buy it in the first place. I bought one last set of bargain yarn (a moss green Louisa Harding Angora Kimono Pure) and then we left the UK.

So now we’re here in America and my yarn stash is getting more depleted every day, I’ve decided that it’s time to go in search of stash replacements.

(to be continued…)

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