Life on Mars

(Which by the way is an excellent tv show, much overlooked by the American public, although lauded in the UK)

So the spiders that you so kindly helped me choose an eye style for are going for sale on Etsy this week. Here’s the first one:

His name is Gillie, he’s the bass player, you can see from the first picture that he’s watching our world with envious eyes, which is a bit ominous of him, but really he means no harm. His bandmates Weird the drummer and Ziggy, who of course plays guitaaaaaaaaaar will be joining him in the shop later in the week.

As you can see I chose the popular “manga on black and white” eye style so thank you to everyone who voted you helped me a lot.

Mars (without any life on it)

Mars (without any life on it)

One of the things I get distracted with is making little “sets” to photograph my creations in. I’m very proud of this one, although you don’t get to see it properly in the listing. So here is is in all its glory.

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