The Eyes Have It

Buttons make great eyes for toys, but not if you can’t source what they’re made of. This is today’s challenge. Make some cool looking spider eyes from felt. Luckily I’ve got felt in every colour under the sun.

But what’s the most spidery combination? (And I know spider’s have eight eyes, but these are only pretend spiders and I say they have two eyes). Here’s some thoughts. Add your opinion to the poll below. Can’t say I’ll go with what you think, but it might help me decide.

I’ve also been working on a Martian diorama, so I’ve got somewhere to photograph these critters. It has pink sky and craters and if I’ve got time (ha ha ha) it will have a crescent earth in the sky.

The first spider will be for sale on Etsy by Saturday. Don’t all rush at once now.

Manga on a coloured background

Manga on a colour

Classic black and white

Classic black and white

Black and White Manga

Black and White Manga

Round with coloured background

Round on a colour

1970s Disney Pupils

1970s Disney Pupils

Vacant Stare

Vacant Stare


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