Stupid Law – Clever Etsians

The CPSIA or Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act comes into effect on 10th February. It states that all toys sold in America must comply with various limits on certain toxins, including lead and phthalates. This is all good stuff and I’m all behind the spirit of it. Except, that the law also requires that all manufacturers send their products to third party labs to be tested. And that’s when it all falls over in a big nasty mess. Testing costs $300 per constituent part of a product, the testing facilities are few and overbooked and none of them will accept handmade toys to test.

Anyone selling handmade toys to children has two choices, break this law or stop selling. And believe me, there are a lot of handmade toy makers out there.

There has been a vast amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth on the Etsy forums and there are pressure groups galore trying to amend this law. is just one example.

In the meantime, these bright sparks have come up with a semi solution.

It doesn’t help us to comply with the law, but it certainly gives us the moral high ground and a pretty good defense case. So I’m helping to compile the list of non-toxic supplies.

MiniMonster just came up with this – The Toy Police: And here’s her Etsy shop

The Toy Police



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2 responses to “Stupid Law – Clever Etsians

  1. nattyknitter

    The formatting on this post took me ages to get right, I had to go to the HTML in the end.

  2. Love your blog and your CPSIA post. Voted for fave spider eyes. Added your blog to my blog’s “Other Fun Visits” blogroll. Happy Blogging

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