Chinese New Year Resolution

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Miles the spider is doing well, thank you for your concern. He had breakfast this morning with us and then he took a ride on a toy train, he really is quite my son’s favourite at the moment, which is saying something as Miles doesn’t have any wheels. I’ve finished knitting both Gillie and Weird (two of the spiders from mars) and I’m working on Miles 2.0. But now is the time to face up to the challenge of writing out the pattern. The spider pattern currently looks like this:

Does anyone read hiroglyphics?

Does anyone read hiroglyphics?

As you can see, it doesn’t make a massive amount of sense. I know what it means, but translating it into something that anyone could read and understand is quite a challenge. I’m very bad at codes and that is essentially what knitting patterns are. There are acronyms and short forms, but there’s also the possibility that what I call a stitch, may actually be popularly known as something else. I have the same problem with music, I can’t read it or write it, but I have written and performed songs all over London, with the help of proper musicians who have kindly turned the equivalent of this knitting pattern into something much more attractive (some of the songs are on my facebook page if you’re interested, but mostly this is a story for another time).

So here’s the resolution. I will learn how to write knitting patterns, I will learn the code. I will use my Mum’s knitting nouse and the interweb and the forums on Etsy and I will learn it.

Wish me luck.


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