Gillie – the Spider from Miles

I decided to do my spider leg experiments using some cheaper yarn, I think the results are very pleasing. So this is Gillie.


Isn’t he cool? I have the same yarn in blue and a strange YKB purple colour. So those can be his friends Weird and Ziggy of course. These are definitely going for sale on Etsy next week. Although I have to sew the eyes on first. And I’ll need a mars style diorama. Squee. Fun stuff to make.

Look how spidery his legs are

Gillie Legs

Gillie Legs



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2 responses to “Gillie – the Spider from Miles

  1. Eeeek! That is the cutest spider I’ve ever seen!

    • nattyknitter

      Thanks Emilee. I can’t wait to get the purple one knitted, I may even give him Ziggy Stardust mullet woolly hair. I love your Bat shawl. If I had the patience for a large project it would be on my list.

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