Toddler Reading List – Friends

Every Friday I read stories for toddlers at the local bookstore.  I choose a topic and then find some books, songs and a poem which loosely connect them. Here’s what I’ll be reading tomorrow:

A Visitor for BearBonny Becker and Kady MacDonald Denton. A very grumpy bear finds that he can’t do without an initially unwanted visitor

Hooray for Fish – Lucy Cousins. Bright colours and a large format book, make this one very popular with toddlers. A little fish introduces us to his friends, saving his best friend for last.

How do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends?Jane Yolen and Mark Teague. As with all the books in this series the answer is “surprisingly nicely”

Duck on a Bike – David Shannon. I love this book, there’s plenty of opportunity for making animal noises and the illustrations are actually better (in my opinion) than the books that shannon is more famous for (No, David and Good Boy Fergus). It’s a fable that a child will never grow out of. I think it’s profound that each of these farm animals could hold three opposing opinions at the same time, how like people.

Froggy Plays SoccerJonathan London and Frank Remkiewicz. The kids go crazy for Froggy, I don’t see it myself, but it’s a good story about teamwork.

And songwise I think it’s 5 Little Monkeys jumping on the bed, The More we get Together and Slippery Fish which is actually about the foodchain and not friendship, but I think it’s important to know who your preditor and prey are. The poem is “Some People” by Charlotte Zolotow.


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  1. Cathy

    Molly also has a random obsession with ‘Hooray for Fish’ which she chooses frequently as one of her bedtime books. She also has a particular fondness for ‘Tickly Octopus’ (Ruth Galloway), a journey of self-discovery for said octopus. I can’t help but feel that using this book at your group might provide an opportunity for Miles the spocotopus.

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