Remaking America one sweater at a time

So the rest of the blogverse is talking about Obama and who can blame them. But I’ve already put his call to arms into action through the medium of knitting. Let me explain. About six months ago I bought some lovely yarn for a heavy duty sweater to see me through the san francisco winter. I decided to knit something big and plain and then did my usual trick of messing around with the basic pattern I chose.

Boring sweater, partly ripped

Boring sweater, partly ripped

However, I was somewhat disappointed with the finished sweater (can you see where my metaphor is going folks?) the arms were a funny shape they looked like bingo wings and the length was all wrong. My own mistakes, I could have tried harder. Over the weekend I decided to rip the sweater and today it’s starting it’s new life as a collection of furry spiders to add to the Natty Knits toy family, so I’m contributing to the e commerce of the nation and recycling yarn.

And whilst I’m talking about this yarn, I’d just like to add how much I like it. It’s 109 Bulky by Cascade Yarns, I think it’s been discontinued, but that’s actually good news for the bargain yarn hunter. It’s

Exciting new spider, partly made

Exciting new spider, partly made

fine quality stuff, not so itchy for a pure wool and best of all, it comes in some excellent colours. It’s very difficult to see from the photos, but this yarn is actually a very dark green, so green it’s grey or a bit brown. Very nice. I use it to make Eggwin nests too, it’s just the right organic sort of colour.


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