A funny, not so funny thing happened today

I found myself trying to remember all the names of the girls in my class when I was 14 years old. It made me feel very teenage, it was not so funny.

The self promotion part of the business is starting to get to me, I’ve never been great in popularity contests, mostly because it took me a really long time to understand the difference between popular and bossy. I think I’ve got it now, but a vast part of the popularity thing involves not being aggressive about it. I’ve been advised to aggressively promote the business though, which is essentially promoting myself and it was a bit too easy to go back to bossy teenager.

So I’m walking around at the moment with two thoughts in my head:

1. Who are the two missing girls from my class list?

2. What if I do this slowly, take my time and try to build up a business in the two and a half years I have until my son goes to school? Maybe that means we can tone down the aggression and I won’t have to keep deleting blog entries.


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One response to “A funny, not so funny thing happened today

  1. Glad I was one of the ones you didn’t forget! Of course all those girls who were once 14 are now (mostly) mums…bet they all pull their socks up properly now!

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