Ahem…is this thing on?

I suffer from two common afflictions, a techie husband who likes to handle all the household’s media needs and an almost pathological loathing of self promotion. As you might imagine starting a blog was not on the top of my list of things to do today. And yet here I am.

I’ve got a small business (at the moment it’s very small), Natty Knits sells small toys, designed and then hand knitted by me. They’re good, well made from quality materials and I’ve sold a lot of them to friends or through a local bookstore, who seem to have adopted the Brit recently arrived in San Francisco. Natty Knits is actually an experiment in avoiding an office job once my little boy starts school, so I’ve got another two and a half years to make it work.

So this blog will be about the creative process, about starting a business, about being a small person’s Mum, about being an expat, about all the other arty crafty types I like the look of and almost certainly about some of the addictively bad tv I’ll be watching whilst knitting up a storm.

In the meantime, how do you get photos on here?



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2 responses to “Ahem…is this thing on?

  1. Vacant Heart

    well, there’s a photo insertion option when you post something. alternatively you can directly post the image link on the HTML coded page.

    anyway, good to see a “non-techie” getting interested to write a blog! Best of luck!

    • nattyknitter

      Thanks, I got your comment just as I worked it out. I haven’t resorted to asking my other half for help yet, thanks for the encouragement.

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